Key facts

  • A solid engineering department with advanced equipment
  • Wide range of materials
  • 4 induction furnaces with capacity up to 40 tons
  • 4 heat treatment furnaces
  • In-house machineshop
  • Reliable quality department
  • "A partnership for the future"

Allard-Europe has built up a lot of experience in designing, pouring and machining of castings for the dredging industry.  It is by this experience that our quality department has developed materials, specific for wear-resistant applications. This has lead to materials Alladur 200, Alladur 400, Alladur 500, Alladur 600, TGS3, TGS5(H)(HH) and TGS7(H)(HH). These wear-resistant materials are very appreciated by our customers.

It is by this enduring cooperation with our customers that we come to our greatest achievements. Together we analyse the existing situation and we are looking for better materials and geometries for certain applications. 

Dredging applications


Machine Shop

Heat Treatment

Welding & assembly


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Allard has made a cutterhead for Royal IHC. What makes this order unique is the fact that Allard has cast this cutterhead in one piece!  Thanks to our excellent staff, we have been able to complete this order to perfection!