Engineering & Quality Control

Casting Simulation

Together with you, Allard-Europe searches for the most suitable design for your product. A good compromise between shape, casting method and the desired material gives us the basis of a sustainable product. Of course the impact of the casting on the designed piece will be researched. Before a piece is casted, it has to be provided with a casting system in order to get the metal into the shape. Also the slink has to be captured by a feeder system. A good design of the casting and feeder system are essential for the quality of the casting.

For the visualisation of the result of these casting and feeder systems or possible casting problems, Allard-Europe uses CFD-software (Computational Fluid Dynamics), more specifically Flow 3D Cast ®. Our experience with this program go back to the early beginning of casting simulations in our industry. With our investments in extra capacity together with our experience with CFD software, Allard-Europe even influenced the fast evolution of the technology. Today we use this expertise in order to make realistic simulations, but also to detect possible problems before the casting has been done.


Filling simulation

Simulation of the solidifying process

Rest tensions