Key facts

  • A solid engineering department with advanced equipment
  • Wide range of materials
  • 4 induction furnaces with capacity up to 40 tons 
  • 4 heat treatment furnaces 
  • In-house machineshop 
  • Reliable quality department 
  • "A partnership for the future"

As a well known supplier in the offshore-industry, Allard-Europe always supplies the best solution. In order to do so we spend a lot of attention to the right material and we are used to take a critical look into the geometry of the casting. So we obtain the best qualitative result. 

Allard-Europe casts non-alloyed to high-alloyed steel most divergent applications: sheaves, cap flanges, hinge points, crane hooks... But we are specially known for casting crane hooks with a lifting capacity of 800 to 2500 tons! For this we developed our own high-alloyed material: TGS8.

Offshore applications


Machine Shop

Heat Treatment

Welding & assembly


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