Suited Materials

White cast iron

Over the years, Allard-Europe has developped its own materials. For example we have Alladur 200, 400 and 600. 

Alladur 200 ®

Good erosion and corrosion resistance makes Alladur 200 extremely suitable for various applications in the dredging industry as wearplates and liners. The main alloying element in Alladur 200 is chromium.

Alladur 400 ®

The hardness and abrasion resistance of Alladur 400 are good. Alladur 400 is very suitable for applications where impact resistance is very important. Due to its high flexibility this material is ideally suited for complex castings. The main alloying elements in Alladur 400 are chromium and nickel.

Alladur 600 ®

Alladur 600 is used for various parts in dredging applications, especially where abrasion resistance has to be combined with the impact resistance. The major alloying elements in Alladur 600 are chromium, nickel and molybdenum.


  • All Alladur variants are heat treated
  • High hardness
  • High wear resistance
  • Very brittle
  • Mainly used in dredging applications