Engineering & Quality Control

3D measurement

Allard-Europe uses different advanced 3D-measurements appliances (CMM) to guarantee the high dimensional accuracy of the castings. Allard-Europe has the Metronor Solo where mostly different castings where put together as one entity. Beside that our white light scanner GOM Atos Triple Scan is very usefull in order to compare double curved surfaces with the 3D-CAD design. Allard-Europe also has the GOM Tritop that operates according the photogrammetry principle. This appliance combined with the Atos Triple Scan is used for large castings. 

The appliances are used for the incoming pattern as well as the allignement and the final dimensional control of the castings.


Metronor Solo

  • Principle: triangulation
  • Fixed camera + lightpen with probes
  • Tactile measurement
  • Used for putting together different castings to one entity 

Atos Triple

  • Principle: white light scanner
  • Measurement with pattern of lines
  • Detailed scanned image
  • Used for double curved surfaces

GOM Tritop

  • Principle: photogrammetry
  • Coded and not coded points
  • Standard photo appliance
  • Used for double curved surfaces and large castings